Fax server update TWINFAX 9 for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

Hallbergmoos, September 2018 – TWINFAX 9, the fax server update for Windows 2010, Windows Server 2019 …

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No ifs or buts, archiving emails is mandatory NOW!

The time has come, the consistent implementation of the legal GoBD administrative norm for e-mail archiving is effective immediately for all companies!

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com2 wins another large company with the fax server solution TWINFAX

The IT communication solution TWINFAX ensures process optimization in sales at one of the most successful family breweries in Germany

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TWINFAX as a multi-site fax over IP solution in large companies

The TWINFAX fax server is now taking over the entire fax management for a cable specialist for the automotive and aircraft industries with 5000 employees and 20 international branches

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com2 e-mail archive solution NetOrchestra MA again successfully certified!

As part of the com2 product test carried out in January 2016 by a TÜV-certified data protection auditor, the certification of the NetOrchestra® MA in terms of legal and revision security according to GoBD (formerly GDPdU) was successfully renewed.

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The com2 email archive solution NetOrchestra MA already complies with the new GoBD!

The new GoBD administration standard is fully covered by the leading e-mail archive solution NetOrchestra MA.

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