The TWINFAX fax server

The TWINFAX fax server

TWINFAX from com2 is the contemporary, professional solution for sending, receiving and saving fax documents. The fax server bypasses media breaks. This saves time and money and makes faxing convenient. Users receive and send files in pdf and/or tif format directly from their workstation.

TWINFAX meets all requirements for professional use. The server offers options for serial printing and broadcasts. The solution is reliable and proven. TWINFAX has been approved by the Post since 1988 and is certified by SAP since 1998. With more than 2000 server installations with tens of thousands of clients, TWINFAX is one of the leading products on the market. Thanks to virtual CAPI, TWINFAX also fits into the most modern, virtualized IT environments

Conventional fax machines, on the other hand, require manual operation. TWINFAX saves many trips to the fax machine and any waiting time. In addition, the com2 solution allows the bundling of fax reception numbers on a few ISDN connections. This also significantly reduces the costs for the telephone lines.

TWINFAX is like email with a receipt

Receiving and sending faxes are mostly carried out via the email server (FaxToMail, MailToFax). For the user it hardly makes a difference whether they send and receive messages by email or fax. However, you get a receipt for the faxes. Fax is also much more secure than email, as it is protected against being read.

If the users have their own fax extension number, the fax message ends up in the respective email inbox. The receipt of fax documents can be displayed by email. A journal keeps a record of all fax processes, nothing is lost.

The users can use individual cover sheets or fall back on central configurations. There are options for individual send IDs and headers for each user. Entire forms can be stored for orders and reminders.

TWINFAX is just like printing

All documents that can be printed in Windows can be sent from the workstation with TWINFAX (PrintToFax). A client printer driver is used for this and is available on all Windows systems.

The fax client for Windows can also be used in parallel to the integration in Mailserver, like MS-Exchange, LotusDomino, in systems like Unix, Linux, IBM iSeries (AS/400), BS2000, or in Business applications, such as ERP, CRM and merchandise management systems.

Of course, every fax can also be printed out (FaxToPrinter). If the user is assigned a printer, it works like a conventional fax machine; all faxes are in paper form in the printer. If the transmission channels are appropriately designed, the capacity is almost unlimited compared to a fax machine.


TWINFAX is suitable for installations with 5, but also more than 1000 users. This fax solution is used by both tradespeople and corporations. Fax functions such as serial letters (bulk mailing), broadcasts, fax with a qualified electronic signature and the possible use of control characters ensure the popularity. The dispatch intervals are freely selectable.

But the technical flexibility is also attractive. TWINFAX runs on all common Windows systems including Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022, Windows 10 and Windows 11. The FAX server also supports various office, groupware and workflow servers. These include e.g. Exchange from Microsoft including Exchange 2019, Lotus Domino from IBM and Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Navision).

The resulting advantages include address book interfaces, database support (ODBC) and access to centrally managed user data via LDAP.

TWINFAX works in established IT structures. The com2 fax server supports terminal server clients, for example. Mainframes are no problem either. With TWINFAX, users can fax and email directly from the host, even adding the company logo.

The users can use the fax system from different company applications, for example from SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) applications. The TWINFAX interface takes a back seat, without the user having to forego fax functions. This makes any employee training superfluous – for the com2 fax solution.

TWINFAX virtualization

TWINFAX also fits into virtual worlds. Regardless of whether VMware, XEN or Hyper-V is in use, the TWINFAX fax server runs on all virtualization platforms without hardware.

TWINFAX can also do VoIP

TWINFAX can be easily connected to any VoIP system for faxing with the help of the certified XCAPI from TE-System.

NEW: With driver improvements that make work easier in the VoIP environment.

In the course of the changeover from ISDN to VoIP, errors such as “disconnection” or “protocol error” can occur when faxes are transmitted. These arise with frequented IP routes. When sending faxes via VoIP, analog fax signals are divided into IP packets (UDP) and reassembled at the recipient. If there is a delay in communication, the receiving fax machine cancels the transmission with an error.

TWINFAX has been optimized so that in the event of such an error it continues immediately with the aborted page and transmits it until it is successfully completed.

This saves the user time, tedious redialing and the recipient receives the fax, even if there are transmission problems, just like an error-free transmission.


The greatest possible compatibility is offered here: TWINFAX supports all ISDN routers or cards that offer CAPI 2.0 with fax.

TWINFAX is certified for all BINTEC routers/telephone systems with fax CAPI.

FAQ: Faxserver

A fax server is a system that allows you to send and receive faxes without the need for physical fax machines. The server is usually connected to one or more fax lines and can manage and distribute faxes digitally.

A fax server converts incoming faxes into a digital format and forwards them to the appropriate recipients, such as via email, printer or to a network folder. Conversely, documents can be sent as a fax from the computer via the fax server.

Fax servers allow you to manage fax traffic more efficiently, reduce hardware and consumable costs, and improve archiving and searching for fax documents. They also offer enhanced privacy and security features.

The TWINFAX fax server is designed to be integrated into common network environments. However, for a smooth integration, you should pay attention to the system requirements and compatibility with your existing IT infrastructure.

Yes, the TWINFAX fax server solution supports mobile access via Mail2Fax and Fax2Mail, allowing users to send and receive faxes from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Yes, faxes can be automated using a fax server. Documents can be automatically faxed to a list of recipients or incoming faxes can be delivered automatically according to specified rules.

No, faxes can be digitally signed before they are sent.

Archiving is done digitally. The TWINFAX fax server can save a copy of every fax sent and received, which can then be accessed permanently. The archiving settings can usually be adjusted to suit the needs of the company.

The capacity of a fax server depends on the number of lines available. TWINFAX can process thousands of faxes daily, but can also be designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

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