BS2000 Terminal Emulation 9750 for Windows and Linux

With the SDC-97 terminal emulation for Windows and Linux, you can run several BS2000 9750 emulations simultaneously per PC. You can choose from different terminal types in several sessions and thus connect to different systems and applications. With Unicode support you have access to the complete BS2000 character set. The integrated bypass printing enables output to all printers known in the operating system.

SDC-97 is optimally adapted to the keyboard and screen. The user can quickly adapt the screen display to his requirements. With the keyboard there is the possibility of assigning each key according to your own requirements, also with one or more Unicode characters (UTF-8). The support of the “trimodal keyboards” from Fujitsu guarantees 100% adaptation to an “original 9750 data display station”.

With the command interpreter, recurring work processes can be automated and simplified. Dialog steps, including the special functions, can be programmed in this way and offer the greatest possible data protection and data security.

The Qt-SDC97 is the BS2000 terminal emulation with a graphical user interface for all Linux systems with a KDE or Gnome desktop. Qt-SDC97 offers the full range of functions of the tried and tested BS2000 terminal emulation SDC-97 for Windows

SDC-97 brings mainframe performance to the PC

The SDC-97 emulation establishes the connection between the workstation and the mainframe. It supports all common operating systems and makes use of their possibilities.

The BS2000 terminal emulation supports the following terminal types:

  • 9748
  • 9750
  • 9752
  • 9754
  • 9756
  • 9763 7 bit
  • 9763 8 bit
  • 9763 Unicode

SDC-97 File transfer

Timelessly controlled data traffic

The two file transfers also belong to the SDC family:

  • SDC-FT/BS2000

The EDT file transfer is included as standard in the terminal emulation under every operating system. This type is perfectly suitable for fast data transfers directly from the emulation, although there are system-related restrictions in line length and file size.


SDC-FT/BS2000 is a partner program for the Fujitsu FT-BS2000 and is subject to its features. Operation is via command line, which corresponds to the Fujitsu specifications, or an operator interface. All parameters and control files are created using the mouse. Data transfer orders can be processed directly or time-controlled. All data transfers carried out from the client and from the server are displayed in the status window and stored in a file. Outstanding data transfers can be administered separately. The SDC-FT/BS2000 is available under Windows, Windows Server, Linux and various Unix systems.


  • BS2000 terminal emulation 9750, 9752, 9754, 9756, 9763 7 bit, 9763 8 bit, 9763 Unicode
  • Complete BS2000 Unicode support (in version SDC-97 Unicode)
  • Convenient ways to enter Unicode characters: Unicode keyboard layout, Copy/Paste, Unicode character input dialog
  • Freely configurable menu
  • Free keyboard layout
  • Freely assignable keypad
  • Trimodal keyboard support
  • BS2Key – scroll function in the terminal window
  • Multisession: support of 32 sessions
  • VTSU-SEC host encryption
  • Single sign-on through Kerberos authentication
  • SDC/EDT file transfer
  • Bypass, hardcopy and forms printing
  • DDE interface
  • KIP command interpreter (C-like script language)
  • ‘Entire Connection’ interface
  • Operating systems: Microsoft XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, terminal server, 64-bit,
    Unix, Linux, eLux (embedded Linux for Fujitsu FUTROs and SCOVERYs, eLux NG, eLux RL, eLux RP)
  • Languages: German, English, Danish, French
  • SDC-97 and SDC-97 Unicode for Linux and Windows
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