TWINFAX Archiving

TWINFAX Archiving is an additional module for the connectors TWINFAX-R/3, TWINFAX SMTP and TWINFAX T.611.

This enables you to archive all documents and their transmission parameters in a standardized format, broken down according to date, time and transmission direction and status.

T.611 Fax

In order to create a simple way of communication between TWINFAX and any third-party application, com2 GmbH implemented an interface that corresponds to the so-called T.611 or APPLI/COM interface.
This is based on a Definition of the CCITT (T.611) and is used for the exchange of data between applications. The interface works purely on a file basis. It is therefore not tied to specific operating systems for their client applications.

The basic idea is simple: An application transfers a document and a control file in ASCII format to the APPLI/COM interface, in which it is specified what is to be done with the document. Once TWINFAX has processed this document, the original ASCII file is supplemented with transfer-relevant data and transferred back to the APPLI/COM. On this basis, the application not only has the option of sending documents, but also precise control over what has happened to the documents without intervening directly in the TWINFAX structure. In addition, incoming fax documents can be easily forwarded to the application.

The TWINFAX T.611 module provides this file interface for system integrators and OEM partners, which enables TWINFAX to be connected to their applications. For TWINFAX T.611 you need at least Windows XP.


TWINFAX Convert is a conversion module that picks up print files in PCL-5, Epson and NEC format, converts them into fax format and automatically transfers them to TWINFAX as a send job.

TWINFAX Convert is mainly used for mainframe and UNIX system connections to the fax solution TWINFAX.

All the advantages of TWINFAX come into play, as Convert creates normal dispatch orders in TWINFAX. If configured accordingly, it is possible to send status messages about the sending process to a configured SMTP recipient.

It is also possible to send documents converted by Convert as TIFF files via SMTP.

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