We have cracked the toughest nuts for you! With the revision and legally compliant NetOrchestra® email archiving you will find what you are looking for more quickly.

Com2 offers you professional email archiving with which you can archive and conveniently manage all emails in accordance with the law (GDPdU/GoBD) independently of your mail server. The NetOrchestra® e-mail archiving system saves your employees a lot of time through an efficient search.

Email archiving is a matter of trust, trust us..

  • Easy commissioning
  • Convenient management of archived emails
  • Web-based administration and mail search
  • Order and overview for all mail servers
  • Legally compliant and audit-proof (GoBD)
  • Notes / Outlook / OWA Exchange integration

NetOrchestra® MA e-mail archiving – THE audit-proof corporate solution according to GoBD, DSGVO

Com2 offers you professional email archiving with which you can archive and conveniently manage all emails in compliance with the law (GDPdU, GoBD, GDPR) independently of your mail server. Archiving e-mails outside of your mail server relieves the load and backup times are significantly reduced. The NetOrchestra® email archiving system saves your employees a lot of time through an efficient search. And even if the mail server fails, all archived e-mails can still be accessed.

Email archiving for Exchange

The NetOrchestra MA for Exchange, optimized for Exchange Server, impresses with its diverse range of functions and the seamless connection to your mail server.

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Archiving for Lotus Notes / IBM Domino

The NetOrchestra® MA Appliance offers ready-to-use e-mail archiving for IBM Lotus Domino, with which you can archive your e-mails in an audit-proof and legally compliant manner.

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Archiving for any mail server

The flexible e-mail archive appliance NetOrchestra® MA is ready for use for all mail servers in the shortest possible time for compliant, revision-proof and legally compliant e-mail archiving.

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Email archiving hardware appliance

The NetOrchestra Email Archive Appliances
offer tailor-made solutions for different mail volumes and usage behavior.

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Email archiving software appliance

The NetOrchestra® MA email archiving for virtualization platforms
comes to you ready and can
thus start work in the shortest possible time.

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Features at a glance

Let yourself be carried away by the many features of the NetOrchestra® MA e-mail archives!

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TWINFAX from com2 is the contemporary, professional solution for sending, receiving and saving fax documents. The fax server bypasses media breaks. This saves time and money and makes faxing convenient. Users receive and send files in pdf and/or tif format directly from their workstation.

The fax server VoIP and virtualization

  • Time and cost savings through streamlining work processes
  • The user continues to work with his usual application
  • No familiarization and costly training required
  • Central administration of the users in the respective systems
  • Parallel operation of the various connectors / modules is possible at any time
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Support of standard operating systems

With the SDC-97 Terminal Emulation for Windows and Linux you can run several BS2000 9750 emulations per PC at the same time. You can choose from different terminal types in several sessions and thus connect to different systems and applications. With Unicode support, you have access to the entire BS2000 character set. The integrated bypass printing enables output to all printers known in the operating system.

BS2000 Terminal Emulation 9750 für Windows, Linux, eLux

  • BS2000 terminal emulation 9750, 9752, 9754, 9756, 9763 7 bit, 9763 8 bit, 9763 Unicode
  • Complete BS2000 Unicode support (in version SDC-97 Unicode)
  • Convenient ways to enter Unicode characters: Unicode keyboard layout, Copy/Paste, Unicode character input dialog
  • Freely configurable menu
  • Free keyboard layout
  • Freely assignable keypad
  • Trimodal keyboard support
  • and much more.
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