Features of the
NetOrchestra® MA email archive

  • E-mail search via browser, no installation required
  • NEW: Web app for mobile mail search for smartphones , Trays, …
  • Automatic integration in the mail client (Outlook and Notes) with automatic login (SSO)
  • Embedded integration of the mail search directly into the Outlook Web Access web client with automatic login (SSO) …
  • Search in selected mailboxes
  • Full text and file attachment search
  • View, restore and print emails and attachments directly from the web browser
  • Inclusion of archived mails that have already been swapped out for an optimal mail search via network drive and USB disk
  • Quick access to outsourced mails thanks to maximum local storage in the archive system
  • Administration via browser (Web 2.0)
  • Assignment of any e-mail addresses to users
  • Learning mode: automatic creation of mail addresses and users
  • Notification of all relevant events by email
  • Easy commissioning without
  • Network reconfiguration
  • Convenient initial network configuration via Windows
  • Utility
    (no serial or Telnet session required) or DHCP
  • Supported administrative protocols: DHCP, NTP
  • Logging function
  • Automatic archiving of all sent and received, external and internal mail
  • Archiving with digital signature and time stamp
  • Protection against unauthorized access through encrypted
  • Storage of e-mails (AES 256 bit)
  • Storage-optimized archiving (data compression, emails for several users are only saved once, duplicate monitoring)
  • Extensive filter functions
  • Unlimited archive size through partial transfer to external storage media
  • Archiving on storage media such as network drives,
  • USB hard drive or CD/DVD/Blu-ray
  • The storage media of the backup archive can be changed at any time
  • Simultaneous archiving for several mail servers also with different methods of mail transmission
  • Connection of all mail servers with email forwarding, central mailbox, via transparency mode or via extensions available from com2
  • Supported mail servers: MS-Exchange, Lotus Domino, David, MDaemon and others
  • Supported mail protocols: SMTP, ESMTP, POP3

NetOrchestra MA for Exchange only:

  • Exchange Web Service (EWS) connection
  • Journal and user mailbox archiving
  • Emptying of user mailboxes according to adjustable criteria
  • E-mail stubbing in Outlook and Outlook Web Access
  • Mail import from PST files via network
  • Configuration service
  • Software maintenance with update service
  • 48-hour exchange service

Everyone has their rights

The rights management makes it possible to distribute the areas of the e-mail archive administration to different people, e.g. Mail server configuration, filter settings, user administration, etc. The administrators can be assigned individual or all authorizations for e-mail archive administration. An administrator can only perform authorized actions. If an administrator has no authorizations, he can only view the configuration status and system status of the email archive.

You can see better with 4 eyes

With the four-eyes principle of NetOrchestra email archiving, it is determined for which actions two authorized administrators must be registered at the same time. In addition, the four-eyes principle extends the rights management so that it can be activated for individual or all rights. At the same time, the administrators of e-mail archiving can be assigned two roles, editor and observer. Correspondingly secured actions can only be carried out if two administrators are logged on and both have the necessary authorization and together cover two roles of editor and observer.

The 4-eyes principle guarantees maximum protection against unauthorized access to confidential data and reduces the risk of operating errors. This distribution of roles makes it possible to consistently implement the respective company data protection guidelines also for e-mail archiving.

com2 sets a milestone. Mail search around the world

With the Outlook Web Access (OWA) integration of the NetOrchestra® MA, the user receives web-based and full access to all his current and archived emails at any time and from anywhere in the world. The mail search function can be seamlessly integrated into Outlook Web Access and is conveniently displayed within the OWA browser window, so that a separate browser does not have to be started. The registration for the mail search of the e-mail archiving is made possible automatically by the support of single sign-on for the respective user. By using the OWA security structure (SSL) and the OWA access options, NetOrchestra® MA gives the user secure access to their archived e-mails without any installation.

A one-time central installation is only carried out on the OWA server (IIS and Exchange server) in the administrative area and thus enables the e-mail archive appliance to be used quickly via the Outlook Web Access client. The NetOrchestra® MA can be embedded in several OWA servers thanks to the multi-OWA server configuration and meets your requirements for flexibility.

com2 makes you mobile – access to your emails even when you are on the move.

Make yourself independent and enjoy the freedom with the NetOrchestra® MA mail search app!

You want to have your e-mail communication to hand even when you’re on the move and be well informed with the full text search in seconds? Then our NetOrchestra® MA Web App is just right for you.
With your smartphone or tablet you have access to your complete email archive at any time. NetOrchestra® MA – Web App functionality

  • Web APP for mail search in seconds
  • Full text search
  • Specially optimized for display on smartphones and tablets
  • Full access to all archived emails
  • Support of all operating systems such as Android and iOS
  • Commissioning in seconds without download
  • SSL encrypted access

The Travel MA. Your e-mail archive to take with you.

Are you on the move, do not have network access, but urgently need an e-mail?

The Travel MA gives you quick access to all of your archived emails; especially in situations in which you are not connected to the company network.

That means for you:
No more annoyance about missing data or time-consuming research.

Automatic synchronization!
As soon as you are back in the company network, your offline archive is automatically updated and synchronized for you!

Identical appearance!
The operation of your Travel MA is absolutely identical to the web-based surface of the NetOrchestra® MA in terms of search interface and access options.

Comfortable freedom!
You can access your archived e-mails anytime and anywhere and enjoy all the advantages of the NetOrchestra®MA.

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