TWINFAX fax server for ERP/CRM and other business applications

TWINFAX works reliably, even in the most modern IT environments. Therefore, well-known manufacturers of ERP/CRM/merchandise management and other business applications rely on the connection of their systems to the fax solution TWINFAX.

Fax without media breaks with TWINFAX

TWINFAX offers you a modern, professional solution for sending, receiving and processing fax documents in company applications. The fax server avoids media disruptions and you not only save time, but also money, because by integrating TWINFAX into your ERP or other business system, you always remain in your familiar working environment.

Sending faxes from your corporate application

You fax directly from your ERP/business system and TWINFAX automatically takes care of the conversion and sending of all documents. The setting of all important shipping parameters in the ERP system, such as Addresses, time of dispatch or the optional document signing are easy to handle.

Receive faxes directly in your business system

You receive your faxes directly into your business system via an assigned extension number. The TWINFAX interfaces T.611, SAP or SMTP support this. All received faxes can be viewed as TIFF or PDF and processed directly without media discontinuity.

Send emails in one go

Similar to sending faxes, the TWINFAX fax server also enables you to send your e-mails directly from your ERP or any other business system and forwards your documents to several fax and e-mail recipients in parallel.

Informed about the fax status at any time

TWINFAX forwards all status reports about fax traffic via T.611, SAP or SMTP connector to your business system. So you are always well informed about your fax status.

Companies rely on the TWINFAX fax solution

In addition to the integration of the TWINFAX fax server into standard business systems such as  SAP NetWeaver (R/3) and  Microsoft Dynamics NAV  many companies and manufacturers have their merchandise management, ERP, CRM, archiving systems and other business applications on TWINFAX tied up.

The com2 manufacturer partners include Aareon with GES, Aescudata with AMOR® 3, Albat + Wirsam with ALZIP and ALFAK, Hans Held with REGISAFE, B&F Solutions with Comatic or ORDAT with FIS.

Of course, we are also happy to implement your desired connection!

Further information on the fax integration of TWINFAX for your company can be obtained from us at + 49 (811) 9988 6686 -43 or via the contact form.

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