NetOrchestra® MA for Exchange – email archiving for Office 365

The NetOrchestra MA for Exchange can be connected to Office 365 / Exchange Online to ensure efficient archiving of emails from user mailboxes. With this solution you can seamlessly securely and effectively back up your cloud-based email locally and protect against data loss.

Integration of mail search in Office 365

With our innovative mail search function, you can easily access all backed up emails and restore them to your mailbox. Integrate email search into Office 365 and have everything in one place. This means users can access the secured emails from Outlook, Teams, and Microsoft 365. This means there is no need to change the platform.

No matter whether you are looking for a specific date, sender, subject or content within the emails – our diverse search options make it easy for you to find the emails you are looking for. This saves time and makes the job much easier.

In addition, the NetOrchestra MA for Exchange also offers a high level of security for the secured emails. You can be assured that your sensitive information is protected and that email recovery is only possible for authorized users.

Don’t waste time – with NetOrchestra MA you can find your secured emails in no time.

Mail search integration in Office 365 / Exchange Online

Compliance-compliant email archiving for Exchange Online

NetOrchestra MA for Exchange offers comprehensive regulatory and corporate policy compliance capabilities for Exchange Online.

By automatically archiving and indexing all emails from Office 365, companies can guarantee that no data relevant to compliance is lost.

In addition, NetOrchestra MA for Exchange allows you to set up individual access rights. This means you can be assured that only authorized employees can access the secured emails. This guarantees compliance with data protection regulations and the prevention of unauthorized access.

NetOrchestra MA for Exchange’s archiving processes are transparent and have comprehensive audit trail capabilities. This allows companies to fully protect themselves in the event of legal inquiries and to quickly access all relevant information.

Secure archiving through OAuth 2.0

By using the OAuth 2.0 authentication method, NetOrchestra MA for Exchange offers a secure solution for archiving emails from Office 365 / Exchange Online mailboxes.

Using so-called access tokens issued by Office 365, OAuth 2.0 only allows authorized systems to access user mailboxes. This means that sensitive user data such as name and password are not revealed.

OAuth 2.0 is a widely used protocol and is used by many large companies and online services to ensure security and privacy when authorizing access.

Maximize your mailbox storage capacities!

There are limits associated with Office 365 that can cause email storage to run out.

Mailbox storage limits in Office 365 depend on the type of Office 365 subscription. For most, the limit is 50GB per user. However, with a Premium subscription you increase the limit up to 100GB per user.

With NetOrchestra MA, companies can archive emails securely and efficiently to free up storage space in their mailboxes.

Journal mailbox archiving from Office 365

In addition to user mailbox archiving, NetOrchestra MA for Exchange also offers journal mailbox archiving for Office 365.

To do this, by using the journaling function in Office 365, a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails from your organization is sent to a special journal mailbox, which is read by NetOrchestra MA for Exchange. After archiving has taken place, the system removes the secured emails from the mailbox.

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FAQ: Office 365 Archiving

Email archiving for Office 365 is important because it helps companies store their data for longer term, search, and comply with regulatory requirements.

An application is created in Office 365 for which a client ID and secret is generated. This information is provided along with the Tenant ID in the NetOrchestra MA for Exchange / Office 365. To access users’ mailboxes, the system sends a request to Azure Active Directory (AAD). This gives the system a token that can be used to retrieve the emails from the mailboxes.

The mail archive offers a high level of security for secured emails because only authorized employees have access to the emails.

This depends on the subscription and can therefore vary between 50 GB and 100 GB per user.

Using OAuth 2.0 offers a secure solution because sensitive data is not revealed.

Users can access all emails backed up from Office 365 directly from the mailbox using mail search and send them back to their mailbox, making work much easier.

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