Faxing made easy. Your fax solution for Outlook/Exchange.

In our society we work well and happily with email. It is our constant companion in everyday business life. But have you noticed that you have business processes that still require our good old fax?

Send and receive faxes in Outlook with TWINFAX

Our Fax from Outlook offers you the convenience you want so that it is now easier for you to integrate your fax sending and receiving into your everyday work. You create your fax in the usual way as you create your e-mails. Instead of entering the recipient’s e-mail address, you simply enter the fax number of the recipient and you will also receive the faxes you have sent under sent objects in your Outlook client.

Our fax solution for Exchange enables you to seamlessly integrate your fax transmission into your email process. You save yourself learning new applications and your administrator is happy, because no installation is required on the client computers. Your TWINFAX fax solution for Exchange supports all printable formats.

The TWINFAX Exchange fax integration won’t let you down. We promise you a standardized fax solution with the highest reliability, high resilience and this at a price-performance ratio that is successful for everyone.

Here you will find further technical information about our fax software for Outlook/Exchange … TWINFAX.

Our fax software. Also for Exchange

  • By integrating your fax system into your Exchange server, TWINFAX uses the existing email infrastructure. This means that users send and receive faxes within their usual communication application. There is no need for training.
  • No data management in the fax system.
  • No client installation.
  • Integration with Active Directory and various address books possible. The recipient is found directly in the Outlook client. TWINFAX is connected to the Exchange server via SMTP and does not require any adjustments or extensions to the Active Directory.

Receiving and sending faxes via Outlook

  • Forwarding of incoming faxes and status messages using the DID/DDI/DTMF number to the recipient’s Outlook email inbox.
  • Ability to send incoming faxes to one or more network printers or public folders using direct dialing.
  • Sending and receiving faxes in all printable formats such as PDF, HTML, DOC and TIFF.
  • Clever support for serial faxes (fax broadcasting). By evaluating special TWINFAX control characters, (serial) documents can be sent automatically as fax or email. There is no need to enter fax numbers or email addresses. The fax or email can also be sent with a time delay.
  • TWINFAX supports sending faxes, creating sending reports and receiving faxes on mobile devices such as cell phones or pocket PCs. Requirement: Windows Mobile 2003.

The fax server for Exchange and other systems

  • Support for up to 60 fax lines per fax server via active ISDN fax cards.
  • TWINFAX can also be used in heterogeneous mail environments with different mail servers. All TWINFAX connectors can be combined as desired.
  • TWINFAX also provides connections to ERP systems such as SAP, to mail systems such as Lotus Notes/Domino, to all Windows applications as well as to standardized interfaces such as T.611 for any third-party applications.
  • TWINFAX supports all available Exchange Servers such as Microsoft Exchange 2013, Microsoft Exchange 2016 and Microsoft Exchange 2019.

FAQ: Faxing via Outlook

Yes, you can send a fax directly from Microsoft Outlook, but you will need TWINFAX SMTP to do this, as Outlook itself does not have a built-in fax function. The TWINFAX fax software can be integrated into Outlook.

To send faxes via Outlook, you need a TWINFAX fax server in your company that offers Outlook integration.

Security corresponds to the security of email within the company.

TWINFAX supports all common file formats such as PDF, DOCX, TIFF and JPG. The supported file formats are configured on the fax server. Further information can be found in the support area of our website under Technotes.

Yes, with the right configuration and the TWINFAX fax software, you can send faxes to multiple recipients at the same time. This is done in a similar way to sending an email to multiple recipients by entering the fax numbers in the address field.

With TWINFAX there are no limits on file size and number of pages per fax.

You will receive a sending confirmation from your TWINFAX fax server in the form of an email.

This is possible if TWINFAX is configured accordingly. The faxes are usually sent as email attachments to your Outlook address.

If you would like a live TWINFAX presentation or do you have any questions, please contact us on +49 (811) 9988 6686 –43 or via the contact form.

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