09.10.2020No ifs or buts, archiving emails is mandatory NOW!

As already announced in November, every company is immediately obliged to legally secure archiving in accordance with the GoBD!

For years, companies have been made aware of the need for compliant, legally and data-secure e-mail archiving, as this way the requirements of the procedural documentation according to GDPdU and GoBD can be guaranteed in a simple and uncomplicated manner!

The focus is in particular on digital business correspondence, which is subject to retention requirements. I.e. all electronically generated documents including their data attachments must be available at all times, complete, tamper-proof and machine-evaluable.

The grace period has now come to an end – from January 1st, 2017, every company is obliged to legally secure archiving and must act!

com2 customers can breathe a sigh of relief, as they already have before the applicable regulation within the meaning of GDPdU and GoBD, with the use of the professional archive solution NetOrchestra® MA, years ago met all legal requirements for the proper management and storage of digital documents.

In addition to meeting the current legal requirements, the certified com2 e-mail management also offers effective added value for the user in everyday working life.

The legally compliant com2 e-mail archive solution is ready for use in a few minutes on any mail server and on various virtualization platforms without restrictions and at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Why you should choose the clever com2 e-mail management NetOrchestra® MA, you will find out in a free expert online presentation!

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