09.10.2020The com2 email archive solution NetOrchestra MA already complies with the new GoBD!

Since January 1, 2015, the previous regulations of the GDPdU and GoBS have been replaced and specified by the GoBD (principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access).

The relevant points from the GoBD with regard to e-mail archiving are, in particular, the immutability of the data and the associated regulated procedural documentation. I.e. that all information that has once found its way into the processing process can no longer be overwritten, deleted, changed or falsified.

Even before the new regulation came into force, the professional email archive solution NetOrchestra MA fulfilled the requirements of the conforming law – and data security for the proper management and storage of digital documents in accordance with the GDPdU and GoBD!

The necessary immutability of the data is ensured by the following measures:

  • With the NetOrchestra MA, subsequent manipulation of the data via the so-called journal archiving and subsequent signing is excluded. The journal function enables the original data storage of all e-mails (incoming and outgoing) before they are sent to the user. The unchangeability of the archived data is ensured through the creation of test values, so-called signatures and internal encryption. The subsequent deletion and modification of data in the e-mail archive is also not provided. I.e. any changes to the content before and after archiving are therefore impossible.
  • The process documentation of the NetOrchestra MA has been regularly checked and certified by a TÜV expert since 2009.

Conclusion:With the com2 solution, you receive legally compliant and audit-compliant email archiving that meets all the relevant requirements according to current guidelines, standards and laws.

com2 customers are on the safe side!