09.10.2020TWINFAX as a multi-site fax over IP solution in large companies

In every company, new challenges inevitably arise due to the existing IT infrastructure. This time a contemporary fax management was implemented for one of our NEW CUSTOMERS, with connection to an existing CISCO telephone system in a worldwide distributed environment.

Customer requirements and focus of the project:

  • Virtualization with failure safety
  • Routing via a CISCO Call Manager
  • Receiving faxes in any country without a country code (international fax numbers)
  • Fax sending and receiving in Outlook via the existing IT infrastructure worldwide
  • Shipping worldwide from SAP, call routing via CISCO
  • Transfer of certain telephone numbers (orders) to an interface for order processing and archiving of approx. 1500 faxes daily

The solution – Use of the TWINFAX fax server as a uniform and central overall solution:

Based on an existing CISCO telephone system of the company, the flexible fax system TWINFAX could be used very easily with a VoIP (Voice over IP) connection.

When introducing the fax solution, the focus was on integration into the existing SAP and Outlook applications in order to enable a uniform work process for daily business correspondence in a secure and professional manner.

With the universal TWINFAX interfaces, the company applications could be seamlessly connected within a short time and set up on a single structured IT communication channel.

The entire daily fax traffic can now work with the diverse range of functions of the com2 solution via a single fax server. This means that nothing stands in the way of the efficient and secure sending, receiving, processing and archiving of fax documents from different applications.

The complete setup of the fax server solution TWINFAX was carried out without any problems within one day and via a single administration location for all worldwide branches.

Added value for the customer after the successful implementation:

  • Uniform system worldwide and one administration for all branches
  • Cost savings through the elimination of fax machines or servers in the branches
  • secure recording of orders without losses through manual forwarding
  • automatic archiving
  • enormous time and labor savings through integration into the workflow
  • easy and efficient use without training, resulting in high acceptance in the company