09.10.2020com2 wins another large company with the fax server solution TWINFAX

Since fax communication is still indispensable in the age of e-mail and is legally compliant and secure for use in legally relevant areas, the IT management of the large brewery quickly made the decision:

The use of a high-performance fax server solution is a MUST!

Customer requirements and focus of the project:

  • Very high fax traffic
  • Integration in Outlook and SAP
  • Additional connection of multifunctional devices without telephone connection
  • Central connection of all branches
  • Redundant installation for failure safety on VMWare servers
  • automatic audit-proof archiving of all fax correspondence

The answer – the clever fax server TWINFAX!

For a high-quality IT communication structure, stable connections and high reliability are of the utmost importance in every company, as this means that technical sources of error can be largely excluded, thus ensuring trouble-free operation and minimal IT costs.

The virtualization of the com2 fax server solution on the company’s existing VMWare server and the connection to the SAP and Exchange systems took place effortlessly and was done within a short time.

Based on the existing ISDN infrastructure, fax communication was converted to VoIP (Fax over IP). TWINFAX supports all VoIP industry standards such as SIP or H323 and T.38. This guarantees problem-free commissioning and reliable fax communication.

Thanks to the universal TWINFAX interfaces, the existing multifunctional fax devices could also be seamlessly integrated and continue to fulfill their needs via network-free access Tasks for the user.

All fax traffic now takes place very conveniently at all locations directly from every workstation via the integrated company applications and Integrated multifunctional devices and guarantees highly efficient, legally and data-secure business correspondence.

The implementation of this efficient process optimization in the area of fax communication only required 6 working hours and was ready to start within one day for the users without any training measures.

Added value for the customer after successful commissioning:

  • Uniform fax infrastructure for all company applications in all branches
  • Failure safety through redundant virtualized systems under VMWare
  • Legally and data-secure handling of the documents as well as automatic archiving
  • Simple and transparent paperless access to all fax documents
  • As a result, enormous time and cost savings in everyday work
  • NO training effort through simple and intuitive operation and seamless integration into familiar working environments
  • A very reliable and secure communication solution
  • TOP support service

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