09.10.2020Imperturbable. Step by step towards the goal.

39th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, October 2012 – Challenges are not long in coming.

Axel Boehlke, managing director of com2, contested another marathon.

But why “disputed”?

For Axel Boehlke, the 39th BMW BERLIN MARATHON shouldn’t have anything in common with an argument or competition, because Axel runs out of passion. The best time is good, but reaching the finish line healthy is even more important for the 48-year-old businessman.

After all, the Axel Boehlke Marathon also runs for a good cause.
All donations raised go to the ACTIVE FOR CHILDRENS LIFE initiative (www.active-for-childrens-life.de) to good. ACTIVE FOR CHILDRENS LIFE supports non-profit organizations to protect the children of our world. Axel Boehlke would have liked to tell us how pleasant and trouble-free the Berlin Marathon was, but this time he faced new challenges. The weather for the run was perfect, but this time “jostlers with pointed elbows” and pedestrians on the route made the run of the participants difficult. Axel Boehlke quickly realized that this marathon would be very different from the ING New York City Marathon.
We don’t know what the reasons for the crowds on the route were, whether it was simply because of the narrow streets with too many participants.

Only one thing is important: Axel Boehlke persevered. Imperturbable. Step by step to the goal.

It shows us again that it is worthwhile if we stand up for the good in this world and persevere. Because: Challenges are usually not long in coming.

And we hope that the number of people who work for a good cause will steadily grow and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Axel and all the indefatigable fighters for their commitment.

We just say: Great, Axel! Admiration for your renewed fight!

Many thanks also to com2 Communications & Security GmbH, FCB-Softwareloesungen, Sporttenne Stelzer and to all friends and acquaintances for your donations!

The com2 Communications & Security GmbH team