09.10.2020TWINFAX – one of the first fax solutions worldwide with a certified BC-SMTP connection to SAP NetWeaver

Since October 1st, 2012 the com2 fax server TWINFAX has also been certified for the new SAP interface BC-SMTP 6.40.

TWINFAX was successfully tested for integration with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform and is therefore one of the first fax solutions worldwide with a certified BC-SMTP fax connection to SAP NetWeaver. The fax product receives the ‘Integration with SAP NetWeaver’ certification.

What does this mean for customers?
Improved interoperability!

TWINFAX offers the following functionalities:

  • With the BC-SMTP interface, in addition to sending faxes, receiving faxes is now fully integrated in SAP NetWeaver!
  • Incoming faxes are received and processed directly in your SAP application.
  • Comprehensive user interface for any administration in the SAPconnect environment*1.
  • Optimized fax monitoring and improved analysis options in the SAP system.
  • Various setting options for fax and e-mail feedback in the SAP system.
  • Simple maintenance in SAP, there is no need to set up RFC connections.
  • No restrictions, e.g. the maximum length of subject lines.
  • Adjustable size limits for outgoing faxes.
  • Mandatory information can be inserted automatically.
  • Support of all common MIME formats.
  • Fax status feedback via DSNs*2.
  • Support of all Unicode code pages in the SAP system.
  • Support of SMTP-Auth*3.

*1available from SAP NetWeaver (Version 7.0 EhP 2)
*2Internet standards Delivery Status Notification (DSN)
*3available from SAP NetWeaver (Version 7.3 EhP 1 SP6)