09.10.2020Outlook e-mail stubbing for an enormous amount of memory on the Exchange server

With the current version of the NetOrchestra MA for Exchange com2 GmbH has developed a highly efficient e-mail archive solution to significantly reduce the amount of data on the Exchange server.

How? Quite simply – the powerful “Outlook E-Mail Stubbing Solution for Exchange” reduces the size of your original mails in the mail server in a variable and time-controlled manner and thus creates enormous additional storage capacity for your entire Exchange server and in the existing mailboxes.

Of course, all e-mails are still available in Microsoft Outlook, including the Outlook e-mail search, and can be restored to their original state at any time at the push of a button.

The “NetOrchestra email stubbing solution for Exchange” is the perfect solution for flexible email management in your company.

It can be put into operation very quickly, easy to administer, comfortable to use and meets all the requirements of legally compliant email archiving.

The advantages of NetOrchestra MA stubbing at a glance – see for yourself:

  • Older emails that are no longer required in the mailboxes no longer take up unnecessary memory
  • Relief of the Exchange server by outsourcing large amounts of data to the e-mail archive by up to 80%
  • Increase in the number of user mails when the mailbox storage is limited
  • Works flexibly according to freely configurable criteria
  • Reliable data security, as stubbing only takes place after archiving has been completed and verified
  • GDPdU compliant, since all mails are available as original images in the archive and can be restored at any time
  • Independent of the Outlook client used, also for OWA (Outlook Web Access)
  • Can be ideally combined with the NetOrchestra MA Outlook Web Access Integrationhe NetOrchestra MA Outlook Web Access Integration
  • Unrestricted Outlook search for stubbed emails

Conclusion: You significantly increase your capacity and productivity in email management at an attractive price-performance ratio.

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