09.10.2020NetOrchestra MA for Exchange – the new e-mail archiving for Exchange Server

With the new product line NetOrchestra e-mail archiving for Exchange, com2 offers an extended archiving concept especially for the Exchange server.

The NetOrchestra MA for Exchange offers with its innovative Exchange connection, a secure email archiving solution for companies of all sizes.

In addition to legal security and faster and more transparent access options, the hardware-based solution NetOrchestra MA offers an increase in your IT performance and, above all, the highest level of user comfort and reliability.

Overloaded Exchange servers and unnecessary IT costs are a thing of the past.

What exactly does the new NetOrchestra email archiving for Exchange do?

  • Secure SSL connection to the Exchange Server via standardized Exchange Web Service (EWS) interface
  • Archiving and emptying user mailboxes according to adjustable criteria
  • Significant memory relief of the Exchange Server, thus also enormous reduction of backup times
  • Additional server relief through e-mail “stubbing” – reducing e-mails on the Exchange according to adjustable criteria
  • No client installations necessary, only minimal intervention on the server when activating e-mail stubbing
  • Outlook integration of the mail search
  • OWA integration of the mail search (optional)

With the modern NetOrchestra MA for Exchange Appliance you increase the capacity, productivity and structure of your e-mail management and that at an attractive price-performance ratio.

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