09.10.2020More and more providers are relying on the TWINFAX fax server

More and more providers of corporate applications are relying on the TWINFAX fax server

The professional company fax server TWINFAX is one of our manufacturer solutions that our customers have been using with enthusiasm for years. Because by combining development, sales, consulting and support in one house, our customers receive a fax solution that is tailor-made for them, professional and individually oriented support and ultimately more efficiency for their business processes.

The TWINFAX fax server fits seamlessly into existing standard environments, such as SAP NetWeaver, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, MS Exchange and Lotus Domino as well as in each Windows application (32- and 64-bit) and there is no need for training.

A steadily increasing number of manufacturers, such as Aareon with GES, Aescudata with AMOR, Albat + Wirsam with Alzip and Alfak, Hans Held with REGISAFE and, last but not least, ORDAT with FIS (FOSS Information Server), binds their ERP DMS and merchandise management systems via the open interfaces from com2 to TWINFAX.

Most manufacturers connect their ERP, CRM, archiving and other systems to TWINFAX on the server side via the standardized T.611 interface. This enables sending and receiving of faxes directly from the business applications without media breaks, and users are promptly informed of the fax status.

The result:

Our customers are enthusiastic, because with TWINFAX they receive a fax system that can naturally also be found in their corporate solution. Media breaks are completely eliminated and the employees can concentrate on their essential tasks with newfound freedom and more time.

TWINFAX means more satisfaction. Reliable, flexible and secure.