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BS2000 terminal emulation for Windows and Linux

With SDC-97 terminal emulation for Windows and Linux you can carry out several BS2000 emulations per PC at the same time. Unicode support gives access to the complete BS2000 character set. In several sessions you can select different terminal types and thus connect to different systems and applications. The integrated bypass print allows printing on all printers recognized by the operating system.

SDC-97 is optimally adapted to keyboard and screen. The user can quickly adjust the screen display to their requirements. There is also the possibility of setting hotkeys and unicode characters on the keyboard as desired. Support of "trimodal keyboards" by Fujitsu guarantees 100% conformity to an "original data terminal".

Thanks to the command interpreter, re-occurring work sequences can be automated and simplified. In this way dialog steps, including special functions, are programmable and offer the greatest possible data protection and security.

Qt-SDC97 is the BS2000 terminal emulation with graphical user interface for all Linux systems with KDE or Gnome desktop. Qt-SDC97 offers the full range of functions of the standard BS2000 terminal emulation
SDC-97 for Windows.

SDC-97 brings mainframe performance to the PC

SDC-97 emulation creates the connection between workstation and mainframe. It supports all standard operating systems and exploits their potential.

The BS2000 terminal emulation supports the following terminal types:

  • 9748
  • 9750
  • 9752
  • 9754
  • 9756
  • 9763 7 bit
  • 9763 8 bit
  • 9763 unicode

For further information regarding BS2000 terminal emulation through Windows / Linux please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you further.

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