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TWINFAX - the fax solution for Windows and all mail systems

The versatile universal fax system TWINFAX includes the connector TWINFAX SMTP.

TWINFAX SMTP is an additional server component for all mail systems such as MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Groupwise, CC-Mail, Netscape and many more. Document management for all clients on the server/fax gateway. TWINFAX can be set up for both local printing (using the TWINFAX client) and central printing. The benefit of local printing is that each user can check the document in preview before sending.

TWINFAX with SMTP fax offers features such as:

  • Fax printer with preview window, time-delayed dispatch, cover sheet and overnight sending.
  • No individual telephone book. Access to Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes (direct access via Notes-Client as of V.5), LDAP directories and ODBC databases as desired.
  • There is also the option to forward tasks directly via the Notes client. This has the benefit that all sent tasks are filed in the Domino mailbox.
  • Background printing via printer control characters.
  • Various print jobs can be brought together (collected) into one shipping order. The collected documents can be seen in print preview and you can interactively decide upon the order in which they are put together.
  • Complete mail system integration. No data management in fax system.
  • All receipts and status reports are sent to the user‘s mailbox (“one interface to the customer”).
  • Connectors to MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, SAP and all Mail programs.
  • Clear interfaces with comprehensive documentation and status returns.
  • Hard and software from one source
  • Consistent support for terminal servers (Citrix Metaframe and Microsoft Server 2007, 2003 und 2000).
  • If an email address is provided instead of a fax number TWINFAX automatically sends the document by email.
  • TWINFAX can be configured with POP3 functionality if desired, should no other mail server be available to manage messages.

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