com2 E-Mail Archivierung.

TWINFAX Signature

is a signature component for server-based creation of qualified electronic signatures for emailing and faxing.

Electronically transferred documents without a signature are not legally recognized and may, for example, lead to a pre-tax audit for withdrawal of tax deductions. For this reason, many documents and invoices are still sent by standard post.

But there is a solution! If for example 100 documents were not sent as letters every day, but electronically as emails or faxes, this would result in a postage saving of €13,200 pa. Taking into account the time for printing, envelope stuffing and other steps in the process, amounting to approx. 2 minutes per letter, we arrive at a figure of around 400 working hours each year. Particularly in today’s climate, where fewer employees must accomplish ever-increasing volumes of work, the electronic signature represents a real relief in terms of administrative duties.

Since 2004 there have been standard provisions within Germany for documents which are sent electronically by email or computer fax. Please refer to the BSI [German federal authority for information security] information sheet or the Secrypt information sheet.

com2 GmbH has found a partner in secrypt GmbH who can provide an appropriate solution for the creation of electronic signatures for email and fax documents. The mandatory qualified signature is created directly on a signature chip card which is available specifically for the creation of bulk signatures from the certification body D-Trust, a 100% subsidiary of the federal printing office. These signature chip cards are connected to the TWINFAX Signature server. Additional signature cards (and more certificates) can also be administered if required.

A matrix code (2D barcode) is assigned to email and fax documents. This contains the original document and the electronic signature.
Checking received documents with a matrix code only requires a scanner. Printed documents (email or fax) can be verified with a widely available signature reader at any time without any additional sender information. As such every signed document carries legally-binding proof of authenticity which will be valid for years. Stamps or notes in the document have no effect on the document. The matrix code is designed in such a way that small transmission errors are evened out so as not to lead to interference on verification.
Should you wish to test the signature reader simply download a few test documents.

The Acrobat PDF own signature (Adobe PDF Reference Version 1.6/PKCS#7) can also be attached to the document without matrix code when creating an email. Internal company solutions such as the two pairs of eyes principle can be easily and efficiently achieved – a department creates the document and passes it on to an authorized person to be checked and signed.

Our solutions stands out in particular as it is so easy to read. The areas to be signed on the fax are shown on a graphical user interface. Using TWINFAX Signature you can determine in the subject line which documents (e.g. only invoices) should be sent, which signatures used (user/certificate) and how they are to be sent (email/fax). Integration into existing programs is simple, flexible and achievable with minimal control characters, allowing TWINFAX Signature to be integrated into any existing program in a short amount of time.

The TWINFAX Archive connector is the perfect add-on. This module also prepares all electronically communicated files for archiving.