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Benefits of TWINFAX

  • Time and cost savings through rationalization of work processes
  • The user caries on working within their standard application
  • No induction or costly training required
  • Centralized user administration for respective systems
  • Parallel operation of different connectors / modules always available
  • Limited hardware requirements
  • Limited software requirements thanks to compatibility with standard operating systems

Performance features of TWINFAX

  • Integration in SAP NetWeaver (R/3), all SMTP based email systems, Navision, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, DATEV and BS2000
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft operating systems from Windows 2000
  • Fully supported by Microsoft and Citrix terminal servers
  • Faxing from your work station, in various environments
  • Automatic distribution of incoming faxes to work station based on direct dial-in number (DDI)
  • As far as possible, acknowledgement in connector-integrated systems such as SAP R/3 or Lotus Notes
  • Merge mailing and standard bulk mailing
  • Sending to distributor lists with mixed address types (fax and email)
  • Centralized or extension-controlled printing of incoming faxes on the network printer
  • Automated creation of fax documents to be sent thanks to printer control characters
  • Faxing can be split between several gateway computers in the network
  • Can be extended according to work stations and ISDN ports
  • Comprehensive log, optionally in CSV format (Excel readable)
  • Account of charges
  • User-specific cover sheet and logo assignment
  • Integrated document management
  • User administration – centralized or in corresponding systems
  • Time-delay dispatch of faxes (overnight dispatch)
  • Redial
  • Duplicate dial lock
  • Hard and software from one source. Optimal coordination with ISDN cards
  • Active ISDN cards from other manufacturers are also supported by CAPI 2.0 interface
  • Potential transmission direction can be set for each ISDN channel
  • ISDN gateway operation as multiple device connection and/or point to point connection
  • Faxing within the telephone system (no charges)
  • Chargeable separate number for private faxing
  • Personal transmitter ID and header for each user
  • No network dependency
  • Central and/or local printing in fax format
  • 'Robinson list' to suppress undesired faxes received, controlled by ISDN telephone number or transmitter ID of the remote station
  • Numerous telephone books: TWINFAX, Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, LDAP, ODBC

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