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Germany’s market leader in SAP fax

TWINFAX, the established network fax solution, can be used anywhere that requires professional, secure and affordable fax services. TWINFAX increases the performance of your SAP R/3. We have been working with SAP since 1988.

TWINFAX 6.0 has also been SAP certified.
'Unicode Ready' since 2009. This certification also means our fax solution is now registered in the SAP System Landscape Directory (SLD).

Faxing from all SAP applications

Faxes can be sent from all SAP-R/3 applications including SAPoffice and SAPmail. All documents which are compatible for printing via SAP-R/3 can also be faxed using TWINFAX-R/3 (even forms and graphics). TWINFAX keeps exact records of all fax correspondence and compiles detailed logs. Status and error messages for faxes can be viewed directly in SAP-Office.

Faxes sent straight to your work station

The user automatically receives faxes sent to them at their workstation via a direct dial-in number (DDI number). In this way, each R/3 user has their own personal fax system on their desk allowing fax costs to be cut dramatically - all thanks to TWINFAX. Received fax documents can be viewed in TIFF format and processed directly.

Fax-Status direkt im SAP-System

TWINFAX leitet unmittelbar alle Statusmeldungen über den Faxverkehr via BC-CON oder BC-SMTP direkt an Ihr SAP NetWeaver-System weiter. Somit sind die Anwender jederzeit über ihren Faxstatus informiert.
Dem Administrator stehen umfangreiche Monitoring- und Analysemöglichkeiten im SAP System zur Verfügung.

The benefits of TWINFAX SAP-R/3

Direct connection of the TWINFAX fax system to SAP delivers various key advantages:

  • Complete integration in SAPconnect, certified by SAP
  • Fast, reliable and convenient fax communication
  • Cost savings through rationalized work practices
  • Transmission status reports directly to the SAP system
  • Alert notification in case of error
  • Documentation of faxes, archiving potential
  • Compatible with Unicode, in the event that files are transferred in Adobe PDF format
  • Convenient registration in SAP SLD
  • Compatible with SAP clients
  • Compatible with SAP Routings
  • Emailing with acknowledgement via SAPconnect

Impressive additional functions for SAP fax

All LAN/WAN users retain full functionality for the entire range of services provided by the fax system, in addition to the network integration of TWINFAX-R/3:

  • Merge mailing and bulk mailing: sending faxes directly from a PC is fast and affordable
  • Compile various prepared documents (data sheets) into one fax with a click of the mouse
  • Time-delayed dispatch to benefit from cheaper faxing tariffs
  • Expandability for all mail systems:
    The add-on product TWINFAX 6.0 plus also lets you send and receive faxes via MS-Exchange, Lotus Notes or any mail program
  • Replies and received faxes can also be sent to users by email

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