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Faxing made easy. Your fax solution for Outlook/Exchange.

We all like working with email, in our everyday business. But did you notice, that you have business processes, where our good, old fax is still needed?

Sending and receiving faxes in Outlook with TWINFAX

From now on it'll get easier for you to integrate your fax dispatch and fax receipt into your everyday work, our Fax from Outlook offers you the desired comfort. You create your fax just like writing emails. Instead of putting in the recievers email address you just use the recievers fax number. With this method you also get your sent faxes under sent objects in your Outlook client. 

Our fax solution for Exchange allows a seamless integration of your fax dispatch in your mailing process. You save work getting into new applications and your admin sure will be glad because there's no installation on any single client computer needed. Your TWINFAX fax solution for Exchange supports all printable formats.

The TWINFAX for Exchange fax integration won't let you down! We promise you standardised fax solution with maximum of reliabilty and high resilience. All of this you get with a successful value-for-money ratio for everyone.

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