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Our fax software. Also for Exchange

  • Through the integration of your fax system into your exchange server TWINFAX uses the already excisting mail infrastructure. Therefore users send and recieve faxes in harness of their communcation applications. A training is no longer required.
  • No data management in the fax system.
  • No client installation.
  • An integration with the Active Directory and diverse adress books is possible. The recipient is trackable directly from the Outlook client. TWINFAX is connected to the Exchange Server via SMTP, thus no accommodations or extensions of the Active Directory are required.

Receiving and sending faxes via Outlook

  • Forwarding recieved faxes and status messages based on the DID/DDI/DTMF-number right to the outlook-mail-inbox of the recipient.
  • Opportunity to send incoming faxes to one or more network printers or to any public folder.
  • Dispatch and recieve faxes in all printable formats like: PDF, HTML, DOC und TIFF.
  • Clever support of series faxes (fax broadcasting). Through the interpretation of special TWINFAX control characters (series) documents can be dispatched automatically as a fax or a mail. The input of fax numbers or mail addresses is no longer required. The fax or mail dispatch can also occur staggered.
  • TWINFAX supports the fax dispatch, the transmission report generation and the fax receipt on mobile devices like mobile phones or pocket PC `s. Requirement: Windows Mobile.

The fax server for Exchange and other systems

  • Support of up to 60 fax lines per fax server over active ISDN fax hardware.
  • At the same time TWINFAX is usable in heterogenous mail enviroments with various mail servers. All TWINFAX Connectors can be combined arbitrarily.
  • TWINFAX also delivers integrations to ERP systems like SAP, to mail systems like Lotus Notes/Domino, to all Windows applications as well as to standardized interfaces like T.611 for any third-party application.
  • TWINFAX supports all available Exchange servers like MS Exchange Server 2013, MS Exchange 2010, MS Exchange 2007, MS Exchange 2003, MS Exchange 2000 and is compatible with all service packs.

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