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TWINFAX - get faxing

com2's TWINFAX is the contemporary, professional solution for sending, receiving and storing fax documents. The fax server avoids media interruptions. It saves not only time and money, it also makes faxing convenient. Users send documents of any type and receive files in pdf and/or tif format directly in their workstation.
Standard fax devices on the other hand require manual operation – thus the fax process takes up to 6 minutes on average. TWINFAX eliminates the trip to the fax machine and any possible waiting. Furthermore, com2 lets you bundle fax recipient numbers on just a few ISDN connections. This significantly reduces costs for telephone lines.
No matter what, TWINFAX meets all requirements for professional use. As such the server offers the potential for merge mails and bulk mailing. The solution is both tried-and-tested and reliable. TWINFAX has been approved by Deutsche Post since 1988 and certified by SAP since 1998. With over 2500 server installations and many thousands of clients, TWINFAX is one of the leading products on the market. Thanks to virtual CAPI, TWINFAX also fits to the most modern, virtual IT environments.

TWINFAX – email with a receipt

The sending and receiving of faxes generally occurs via an email server (fax2mail, mail2fax). It makes no difference for users whether messages are sent or received by email or by fax. However, with the faxes, you receive a receipt. Furthermore, fax is significantly more secure than email since it's protected from monitoring.
If the users get their own fax number any fax messages go straight to their respective email account. Notification of receipt of faxed documents is given by email. A log is made of all fax activities – nothing gets lost.
Users can use individual cover sheets or refer to centralized configuration. There is the possibility for sender identification and headers for each user. Orders and reminders for example can be given their own formulars.

TWINFAX is as easy as printing

All documents that can be printed in Windows can be sent from your work station, using TWINFAX (print2fax). All you need is our client printer driver which is available for all Windows systems.


TWINFAX fax server client for windows

The Windows fax client can also be used for parallel integration with mail servers, like MS-Exchange, LotusDomino, with Unix, Linux, IBM iSeries (AS/400) or BS2000 systems, or with business applications, like ERP and CRM systems.

Of course, each fax can be printed too (FaxToPrinter). If the user has use of a printer, then the procedure is just the same as for a standard fax machine - all faxes printed out on the printer. In this respect, in comparison to a fax machine, the capacity with corresponding coordination of transmission channels is almost limitless.


TWINFAX is ideal for installations with five, but also more than a thousand users. This fax solution is used by both craftsmen and large companies alike. Fax functions such as merge mailing (bulk mail), transmissions, faxes with qualified electronic signature and possible use of control characters guarantee popularity. Sending intervals can also be custom-defined.
But TWINFAX's technical flexibility is also attractive. It runs on all standard Windows systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Server 2019, 2016. In addition, the fax server supports various Office, Groupware and Workflow servers. These include e.g. Exchange from Microsoft, Lotus Domino from IBM and Microsoft Dynamics (previously Navision).
The benefits from this include address book interfaces, database support (ODBC) and access to centrally managed user information via LDAP.
TWINFAX operates in developed IT structures. The Fax server from com2 supports terminal-server clients for example. Even mainframes are no problem. With TWINFAX, users can fax and email directly from the host, complete with company logo.
Users can therefore benefit from various applications such as those from SAP-R/3 and Navision applications. In such cases the TWINFAX interface takes a back seat while the user retains full functionality. This makes much employee training redundant- thanks to the com2 fax solution.

TWINFAX allows virtualization

TWINFAX also fits into virtual worlds. Until now, fax servers which are based on CAPI (CAPI = Common ISDN Application Programming Interface), could not be applied to virtualization platforms. The reason: there were no emulations for ISDN cards. However TWINFAX can be used with the assistance of a virtual ISDN interface. In the running; the BINTEC Remote-CAPI media gateway from Funkwerk Enterprise Communications (FEC).
The com2 software TWINFAX is certified for BINTEC media gateway as of version 7. This also means: com2 and FEC offer comprehensive support.

TWINFAX kann auch VoIP

TWINFAX lässt sich mit Hilfe der zertifizierten XCAPI von TE-System zum Faxen einfach an beliebige VoIP Anlagen anbinden.


NEU: Mit Treiberverbesserungen, die zu besonderer Arbeitserleichterung im VoIP Umfeld führen.

Im Zuge der Umstellungen von ISDN auf VoIP können bei der Übertragung von Faxen Fehler wie „Verbindungsabbruch“ oder „Protokollfehler“ auftreten. Diese entstehen bei frequentierten IP Strecken. Beim Faxversand über VoIP werden analoge Faxsignale in IP Pakete (UDP) aufgeteilt und beim Empfänger wieder zusammengesetzt. Wenn es dabei zu Verzögerungen bei der Kommunikation kommt, bricht das empfangende Faxgerät die Übertragung mit einem Fehler ab.

TWINFAX wurde dahingehend optimiert, dass bei einem solchen Fehler sofort mit der abgebrochenen Seite fortgefahren und bis zum erfolgreichen Ende übertragen wird.

So spart sich der Anwender Zeit, mühevolle Wahlwiederholungen und der Empfänger erhält auch bei Übertragungsproblemen das Fax wie bei einer fehlerfreien Übertragung.


Hier ist größtmögliche Kompatibilität geboten: TWINFAX unterstützt alle ISDN Router bzw. Karten, welche CAPI 2.0 mit Fax bieten.

TWINFAX ist zertifiziert für alle BINTEC Router/Telefonanlagen mit Fax-CAPI.

TWINFAX from com2

com2 customers say: "Anyone who can use Windows Explorer can use TWINFAX too." Regardless of whether it’s with TWINFAX’s own interface, the approved TWINFAX client printer or transparently from various email applications, the com2 fax solution is the ideal supplement to email, IM and telephone: a decisive step towards unified communications and collaboration – it’s easy to operate, reliable and flexible.

com2 says: "we support our customers until everything runs perfectly." This also applies to the launch of remote installations and integration into existing systems right down to individual configuration and operation. com2 offers service over the phone, remote maintenance, system support and monitoring and, on request, support outwith normal business hours.

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