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Archiving two pairs of eyes

Two pairs of eyes are better than one

The two pairs of eyes principle applied to email archiving establishes which activities require two authorized administrators to be logged in at once. To this end the two pairs of eyes principle enhances rights management so that it can be activated for individual or comprehensive authorization as required. Simultaneously, the email archiving administrators can be assigned two roles - editor and assessor. As such secured procedures may only be carried out when two administrators are logged in and both have the requisite authorization, together covering the two roles of editor and assessor.

The two pairs of eyes principle guarantees maximum protection from unauthorized access to confidential data and minimizes the risk of operating errors. This distribution of roles allows respective official data protection guidelines to be implemented consistently - even with email archiving.

The two pairs of eyes principle provides maximum protection from illegal access to confidental data and minimizes the risc of usage errors. It allows to implement operational data protection directives also with mail archiving.