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E-Mail Archiv Appliance

Ever been overwhelmed trying to organize a deluge of emails? Ever found it hard to keep an overview and not been able to find an important email? Know what the law requires?


How do you create more room in the mail server?

NetOrchestra MA is the solution.

Economic benefits

  • Convenient management and straight-forward searching saves time and money
  • The burden on the existing mail server is reduced by up to 80%
  • Backup times are shortened
  • All standard mail servers are supported
  • Changing your mail system is possible at any time - problem-free
  • All archived mails are still available even if the mail server fails

Administrative benefits

  • Platform independend access via web browser
  • Clear management of emails, users and mailboxes
  • No client installation required
  • Comprehensive rights management
  • Fully-automated data and configuration security on existing storage systems 

User benefits

  • Emails are automatically and permanently archived
  • Direct full-text search capability in web browsers, Outlook, Notes and other mail clients - and in all allocated inboxes
  • Restore original mails to preferred email addresses
  • Existing PST files transfered to the archive

Legal background

  • Compilance with legal requirements (GDPdU)
  • IDEA-Export
  • "Two pairs of eyes principle"
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Verification of authenticity via digital signature