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NetOrchestra MA for Exchange -
the Mail Archive for
Exchange Server

Mail Archiving for Exchange

The for Exchange Server optimised NetOrchestra MA for Exchange persuades not only with its varied function extent, but also with its seamless binding to your mail server by Exchange Web Service (EWS) interface (requirement: Exchange Server 2007, MS Exchange 2010 or Exchange Server 2013).
Parallel any other mail servers are also supported.

Additional advantages of the new NetOrchestra mail archive for Exchange

Beside the clear overview of your mails, the quick access possibility and the fulfilment of the legal demands, the NetOrchestra MA for Exchange offers other special advantages for your mail management with exchange servers.

Security of the NetOrchestra mail archive

The central journaling mailbox archiving was made even safer by SSL-encoded access via the EWS interface. Also archiving of user mailboxes, as well as deleting Exchange mails according to configurable criteria occurs exclusively over the new EWS interface and requires no installation.

At the same time we also place the biggest value on security of your data and verify every archived email before deleting some data of your server.

Exchange Server discharge

Relieve of the mail server storerooms and reducing backup time by outsourcing big data volumes in the archive according to your individual specifications. You decide, at what point and which mails are deleted from the Exchange Server.

With the Stubbing integration (available from Q4 in 2013) an additional discharge of the mailbox storage is offered by the NetOrchestra MA for Exchange by outsourcing big data volumes into the mail archive. The "Stubbing" or "reducing" occurs time-controlled. As administrator you decide from which age and which least size a message is reduced in the Exchange Server and whether only the attachement or also the mail body is removed in the "Stub".

Transparent access to your archived mails

Over the in Outlook integrable NetOrchestra MA search user frontend all archived messages can be viewed, printed out, forwarded and also be recovered to the Exchange user mailbox at any time.

The access to the stubbed mails is still possible in usual manner via Outlook, if required a fully automatic recovery occurs within seconds.


As an other opportunity besides the Outlook integration the optional integration in the Outlook Web Access offers the user a web-based and full-extensive access to all his actual and archived mails at any time and every place.

Conclusion on NetOrchestra MA Exchange Archive

The modern archiving concept of the NetOrchestra MA relieves your Exchange Server and optimises the whole email management in your company. The NetOrchestra Email Archiving lowers therefore your IT costs and increases the satisfaction of your employees.

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