com2 E-Mail Archivierung.

NetOrchestra Mail
Archive performance features

Search and administration

  • Mail search via browser, no installation required
  • Can be integrated automatically into mail client (Outlook und Notes)
  • Automatic registration from mail client (SSO)
  • Search in selected mail boxes
  • Full-text and attachment search
  • Show, restore and print emails and attachments directly from the web browser
  • Includes previously stored archived emails for optimal mail search via network drive and USB drive
  • Faster access even with stored emails through maximum local provision in the archive system
  • Administration via browser (Web 2.0)
  • Allocation of preferred email addresses to users
  • Learning mode: automatic creation of email addresses and users
  • Notification of all relevant events via email
  • Simple launch without network reconfiguration
  • Convenient initial network configuration via Windows help program (no serial or telnet session required) or DHCP
  • Supports administrative protocols: DHCP, NTP
  • Logging function

Archiving and mail server integration

  • Automatic archive of all sent and received, external and internal emails
  • Email import from PST files (centrally or by user)
  • Archive with digital signature and timestamp
  • Protection from unauthorized access via encrypted email storage (AES 256 Bit)
  • Storage optimized archive memory via partial storage on external media
  • Comprehensive filter functions
  • Unlimited archive memory via partial storage on external storage media
  • Archive on storage media such as network drives, USB hard drives or CD/DVD/Blu-ray
  • Storage media for security archive can be changed at any time
  • Simultaneous archiving for several mail servers even with differing mail transfer procedures
  • Connection of all mail servers with mail forwarding, centralized mailbox via transparent mode or com2 supplied upgrades
  • Mail servers supported: MS-Exchange, Lotus Domino, David, MDaemon etc
  • Mail protocols supported: SMTP, ESMTP, POP3

Only NetOrchestra MA for Exchange:

  • Exchange Web Service (EWS) archiving of journal and user mailboxes
  • Archiving and clearing user mailboxes by adjustable criteria
  • Mail Stubbing in Outlook and Outlook Web Access
  • Mail import from PST files

Legal and data security

  • Integrated key management for encrypted and signed archiving, no internet connection required
  • Simultaneous local and LDAP/ADS user administration possible
  • LDAP/ADS authentication or local authentication
  • Comprehensive rights management for administratieve access ...
  • 2 pairs of eyes principle ...
  • VFully-automatic mirroring and backup of mail data and configuration on/from network drive
  • Authenticity guarantee for restored emails
  • Conforms to legal requirements according to GDPdU [German law dictating the basic requirements for accessibility and integrity of digitally archived data]
  • IDEA export


  • Configuration service
  • Software maintenance with update service
  • 48-hour-exchange service

Associated terms: Mail Archiving, Mail Archiving for companies, GDPdU conformable, Mail server integration.